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Implant Supported Dentures

You Belong In This Picture!

If you've ever felt frustrated about the function of your dentures ... or your overall health and your denture problems have kept you out of the picture for too long, it is time you consider the benefits of implant supported dentures.

When it comes to quality of life, the statistics for people who wear dentures leave a lot to be desired. You may be surprised to learn that 29% of denture wearers eat only soft or mashed foods and 50% avoid many foods all together.

The natural look, feel and function of implanted teeth has given thousands of former denture wearers and sufferers of serious tooth loss, a new lease on life.

What Are Dental Implants?

The preferred method of tooth replacement is the dental implant. In short, dental implants are a substitute for tooth roots, and form a stable foundation for permanent replacement of teeth. They also act as a support for full and partial dentures, since the implants integrate with the bone to act as an anchor for the replacememt teeth.

Dental implants can also preserve the bone by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system. This helps to maintain the integrity of your facial structure.

Dental implants are the closest possible replacement for natural teeth, and the best way to restore your natural smile. The cost of these implants has become very affordable. Ask your Denturist about how dental implants might be the right solution for you.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

improved oral health, ability to eat, appearance and self-esteem

  •  increased denture comfort
  • denture stability is increased
  • help prevent bone loss
  • resorbtion of tissue is reduced
  • your mouth is restored to a natural state which allows superior long-term esthetics, enhancing the beauty of your natural smile and quality of your life

Implant retained dentures are more stable and "real" feeling than most types of dentures. Implants are a proven restoration option with a long, clinical history and an excellent success rate.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. Many patients who have chosen implant-supported teeth report they are happy and comfortable for the first time since the loss their natural teeth.

Bring Back Your Smile!

At the Ringrose Denture Clinic we want to help you bite, chew, and smile with the same confidence you had with your natural teeth.

Millions of people experience difficulties associated with missing teeth. These difficulties can severely undermine your self-confidence and quality of life. Missing teeth can compromise your health, eating habits, speech and appearance.

When teeth are lost, bone loss occurs, which in turn affects your denture. This results in the denture becoming loose, which causes difficulty in stabilization of the denture, decreased chewing ability, and deterioration of the jaw structure over time .

If you're considering dental implants, we're here to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.

Ringrose Denture Clinic is a proud member of the Dental Implant Society.