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Full Dentures

Standard Or Premium Personalized Dentures

As an oral health-care specialist, the Ringrose Denture Clinic offers various types of dentures to satisfy each patient's specific requirements. In close consultation with you, we will determine what those requirements are and how to meet them. State-of-the-art dentures are able to restore your smile as well as be compatible with the sensitive tissues of your mouth.

What Should You Expect:

  • Premium quality dentures that instill confidence and provide confidence and provide comfort.
  • Precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.
  • Natural life-like dentures that recreate the character of your smile.

Standard dentures may fit comfortably and chew well, but are designed for the average patient using basic tooth shades and shapes. Every denture patient, especially those with oral tissues which have resorbed (shrunk) or those who have unusual jaw relationships (bite) may require a personalized denture that utilizes premium materials and precision techniques. With premium personalized dentures, esthetics, comfort, fit and function combine to allow your smile to look more natural.

Premium personalized quality dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.

Through the use of sophisticated instrumentation, from the impressions of your jaws to the specific jaw movements you make, all your facial information is recorded.

We are then able to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles. Let your smile shine through!

Neuromuscular Dentures

A neuromuscular denture is designed to fit precisely within your mouth and harmonize the relationship between the muscles of the mouth and neck as well as the jaws and the denture teeth. This harmony sets the stage for a comfortable denture that works together with the facial structures to optimize the bite and create a well fitting, functional, beautiful denture.

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Partial Dentures

With newer designs, materials and techniques, partials are more comfortable than ever before. Ask us about the many designs available, some of which have no visible clasps and are virtually undetectable.

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Immediate Dentures

When Is An Immediate Denture Used?

To avoid being without teeth, we will offer the immediate denture technique.  This involves taking impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present.

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